What’s up with the keyboard shortcuts?

Do you use different video players? Have you noticed there seems to be no consistency in the use of (or even the existence of) keyboard shortcuts? For example, what’s the keyboard shortcut for “Pause” on your player? In some cases, it’s “spacebar”, in other cases it is “p” and in yet other cases (Apple QuickTime),…

Pump Up The Colour!

Do you sometimes have a colour image that appears washed out, lifeless and overly gray, even after adjusting levels and contrast? You know there is more colour in the image, but you can’t seem to coax it out.
Well, if you’re up for a short ride through the Lab colour mode, here’s a very simple trick to “pump up the colour”.

Where’s the white?

The assumption that paper is white is, of course, faulty. So-called white papers come in varying shades of white and degrees of brightness. Then there are coloured papers and transparent media, such as self-adhesive vinyl. Producing “white” is a real problem for inkjet printers. That’s why I’ve always wondered why inkjet printers don’t include a…